We Treat your property like royalty

Commercial Services

From bush trimming to snow removal we can care for your property while making you look good.

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Residential Services

From lawn mowing to grading and brick paver patios, we can make your home more beautiful.

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Commercial Services

Residential Services

Not just Commercial Lawn Care and Residential Lawn Care

We will treat you like Royalty

King Lawns is perfect for you if you want to hire a company and not have to worry about anything. Our field service software, Service Autopilot, creates auto generated pre-planned routing and captures all applicable routing information. Our Service Autopilot client portal allows you to see weekly photos of your property, request extras as needed, and pay your bill.

We service apartments, condos, and commercial properties

From small acre lots to big commercial and industrial complexes. Our commercial clients can have everything bid into their budgets from yearly mulch, bush trimming, annual flowers, and snow removal.

Commercial Services

Proudly using the following brands

Bobcat E35 Excavator, E10 Mini Excavator, T595 Track Skidster and MT55 Mini Skid
Boss Snow plows (front and rear drag), Snowraiders, Truck bed salter
Load Trail Dump Trailers & Utility Trailers
RedMax Weed Whips and Equipment
SCAG Lawn mowers (Tiger, Cheetah, V-Ride)
Stihl Edgers, hedgers and chainsaws

Affordable Residential Rates

For our residential clients we offer set rates for weekly service and allow you to opt into additional services. We like to set everything up on an autopilot system so that way we do not have to make changes throughout the year. We like to keep it simple and hassle free.

Residential Services

Serving your community

It has always been a pleasure servicing the downriver community and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come. We have had some amazing clients over the years and made so many connections that have led us to more and more opportunities. Thank you for your time and your business!

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Proudly supporting Our Community

Flat Rock Football
Gibraltar Carlson Football and Basketball
Big Al's Greens & Grille
Taylor South Brownstown Little League T-Ball

Providing Commercial and Residential Services in the Metro Detroit and Downriver Areas