We provide safe and ice free properties specializing in zero tolerance contracts. This is where no snow is ever allowed to remain on the ground during the season. We have salt down on every property if there is a chance of freezing precipitation with below freezing temperatures. This is the most critical part if you want to avoid injuries and those costly slip and falls.

We specialize in zero tolerance snow sites. We strive to provide a safe and ice free property at all times. We like having salt on the ground any time there is a chance of precipitation and it is below freezing.

Where snow removal is an important part it is the ice management that prevents lawsuits and slip and falls. It is the most important part of any snow contract and typically makes up a good portion of the total cost.

We like to apply Detroit blue rock salt with the anti-corrosion dye in it. We use dragon melt on all your walkways as well so you will always see blue when we leave a site. One of the biggest reasons for salting so much is if you pre-salt a storm it will melt the first 1-2 inches as it comes down. Instead of having to plow a whole property which is extremely time consuming you might only have to salt twice which is way faster and provides a clean lot for the entire snow event. After all, it is all about safety and being as timely as possible with commercial ice management and snow removal. You can not control mother nature but you can try to always be prepared.