Frequently Asked Questions

What day is my city cut?

We make that decision every spring and you will have the same days every week through the year. 

In 2022

Monday: Flat Rock and Brownstown

Tuesday: Riverview, Wyandotte, Southgate and Woodhaven

Wednesday: Trenton Grosse Ile and Gibraltar

Thursday: South Rockwood, Gibraltar and Grosse Ile

Friday: Empty and saved as a rain make up day.

How do I request extra services such as bush trimming or landscaping?

Email is the best method of communication, but you can also call or text in requests as well.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our goal is to have all residential clients on credit card by 2023.  It saves us so much time both in billing and in waiting to get paid.  Also it cuts down on people not paying their bills.

It rained on my scheduled lawn maintenance day, when will my lawn be cut?

We cut all lawns in order so if it rains a day or sometimes two we just keep going in order and you are just a day or two behind.

Do you offer residential snow removal?

We do, but it is next-day 48 hour service only.  Nothing is same day anymore as we have too many commercial sites to manage

What businesses do you procure your landscaping material from?

We buy the majority of our landscaping supplies from Carefree Lawn Center in Trenton, our bushes and trees from Landscape Supply in Taylor, our sod from Huron Sod Farm, and our gravel comes from the Stoneco Rock Quarry.

I have a question about my bill, what is the best way to discuss this?

Email is the best way so the secretary has the time to review it and call you back.  You can call and text as well but someone is not always in the office.

Can you skip my weekly lawn maintenance?

We leave the skipping completely up to our crew leaders, not our clients.  We provide a service and we have everything pre planned and routed.  Having 300 clients call and tell you what they want is not worth our time.  We cut all lawns the same with the same requirements and guidelines.  We always show up and take pictures every week for proof.

Do you offer discounts?

Only on big landscaping or concrete jobs.