In the past two years we have started offering concrete removal and installation.

We have the ability to remove and install a new construction, drive way, sidewalk, or patio. We offer different broomed finishes, picture framed, numerous stamp designs, or exposed aggregate. Stamp designs can be several versions of paver designs, wood plank designs, or even slate or natural stone looks.

Concrete has a lot of benefits that pavers, patios, or driveways do not. It is extremely cheaper, faster, and easier to keep up. You might have to reseal stamped concrete every 3-5 years but it is way cheaper than the upkeep on a natural paver patio. Like everything else the price of concrete keeps going up with shortages but it is usually ⅓ cheaper than a tradition paver patio.

Our concrete minimum is $1200, since the smaller the job the delivery and cleaning charges remain the same. We put fiber mesh and wire mesh into every job that we do for extra strength and less cracking.

King Lawns partners with several other companies for concrete tear out and removal and we help them pour and finish as well.
So whether it is a few sidewalk squares that have cracked, a front porch, back patio, garage floor, or a whole new driveway please reach out and give us a call!