Let's work together to create a custom paver patio, sidewalk or driveway!

We will discuss the job, square footage, and where excess water will run to (underground or on top of the pavers). Then we help you decide on the quality and shape of the pavers you would like to complete the job. Prices range from $15 – $40 a square foot depending on the material used.

Brick paver jobs are usually sealed a few months after they are installed. This is because you want to allow ample time for the brick pavers to breath and oxidize. This allows all the phosphorus to leak out of the brick. If sealed with phosphorus inside the brick you will see a white residue on top of the bricks.

Sealing of a brick paver job is completed at the discretion of the customer.

We specialize in the installation of brick pavers for all your patio, sidewalk, and driveway needs. We have a $2000 minimum on all paver jobs.